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Who did this to you, oh land of Africa, the land where civilization started, the land

of the aboriginals, who destroyed Africa? Why did you oh Africa choose to serve
those that were meant to serve you, why did you allow slaves in your position of
power? Europeans gave you a version of education that is meant to brainwash
you so that colonialism and slavery can continue even in this modern age, you see
and believe the white man is superior to you, whatever instructions and policies
received from them is swallowed hook, line, and sinker without asking questions
or any investigation.
African presidents are the worst thing ever to happen to a people or a race, men
of inferiority complex, these are men who dont care about their people so long as
it has to with a white man, African leaders don;t understand what it means to
protect the people they claim they are leading, as I said earlier, the educational
system that produced them is a faulty system that teaches one how to go about
looking for jobs only not the one that enlightens a person and gets the person to
know about his right and how to protect them, it doesnt give them what it takes
to stand shoulder to shoulder with western world counterparts.
What is this version of education that molds someone and makes him worst than
what he is before getting educated? Education which prepares a person for job
hunting only and nothing more, Europeans further destroyed Africa with the
adulterated version of education they came with, it is obvious that the education
in Africa is never the same as what is obtainable in the western world, how long
will it take those who claim to be educated in Africa to behave as educated
people, how long will it take them to be men and do the right thing for the people
who voted them into power if at all there was an election.
An average African leader sees his position as a leverage to make or loot more
public funds and not as a service unto his people, leaderships in Africa doesnt
mean service to the people, it simply means service unto them by the people.
People and government officials loot everywhere but Africans loots shamelessly.
If Africans had remained at the forefront of civilization as it started in Egypt back
in the days bet me we would have had a better world than what we have now.
The world would have been a better place to live much more than that of Europe
and America.
There wouldn't have been any slave trade, you wouldn;t have found any blacks
anywhere in the world except in Africa. In Africa you have the center of the earth,
a very special place indeed, Africa is a special place made by God, and Europeans
destroyed her, no black should be mistreated anywhere, there should be no
racism against the blacks anywhere or wherever they are found across the nations
of the world because it is not their fault that they found themselves where they
are now, it is the fault of your forefathers and I am laying the blame of African
leaders past and present.
I am using this medium to call on all who exploited Africa and reduced her the
state where she is today to publicly seek to make amendments, retrace their
steps now and leave Africa alone, those who are working for devil seeking
population control in Africa should respect themselves and leave Africa to achieve
their aim and the reason God made them special,
Even with the much rubbish done to the African people, Africans still lead in every
aspect of life, come to think of it, in music, in sports, Christianity, inventions,
education, etc. They made be representing other countries and answering their
names but as much as their skin is black, they are Africans and their hosts should
respect that fact. It is not their fault that they found themselves where they are
May God help Africa, deliver her from all her oppressors, eliminate bad
leaderships that made it possible for Europeans to keep marching Africa
underfoot from the beginning, Africa must be free, free from all oppressions from
her enemies, God please destroy everyone everywhere producing laboratory
diseases and viruses, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Lassa fever targeting to kill Africa
May God destroy those who spend billions of dollars lavishly on African nations in
the name of aids just to buy the heart of African leaders and blindfold them to
carry out their evil agendas on African soil? Europeans companies are in African
nations with all manner of sterilizing drugs sterilizing women causing them to
become barren all in the name of contraceptives, a lot of things have been put in
place against Africans. GOD, PLEASE LIBERATE AFRICA.
Now the big question is, what is it that these Europeans saw in Africa that
warrants all these evil plans against Africa, like I said earlier, Africa is a special
place with a special destiny that devils dont want to materialize, At this point let
the younger generation coming up in every nation of Africa refuse to follow the
directions and footsteps of those we have in authority today.
Those who are working very hard spending millions of dollars on African nations,
making them believe it's coming out of love are still the same people who come
around bringing all manner dangerous sterilizing drugs in the name of
contraceptives, administering them on African women causing barrenness among
our women.
Those who are working very hard to control the population in Africa have
produced artificial wombs for women who can't conceive on their own, barren
women can now have their children using what they call artificial wombs then
one will begin to ask questions, why artificial womb when you are sterilizing
women indirectly, working with several pharmacies producing drugs aimed at
reducing African population, billions of dollars are being spent on planned
Parenthood yearly trying to control the population of African. Abortion is on the
increase killing unborn babies at the highest rate, millions of these innocent ones
are being sent to their early graves even before they could see the light of the
If Africans and their leaderships could get this understanding and stand by it, I
believe that Africa won't be the same going forward,
Africans have been so degraded mentally to the extent of no self-respect,
everything about Africa was destroyed by the invading Europeans looking for
what I don’t know, I write this with a heart of pain and grief that Europeans are
still holding unto Africa without any iota of remorse, they have kept on leveraging
on their wickedness over Africa for hundreds of years now.
Feeding fat from the resources they are stealing from Africa, building the future of
their children and their people leaving African men with their descendants in
abject poverty, the Europeans gave us the system of education that is responsible
for producing poorly educated people, people who don’t know their left from
their right, how can you claim to have been independent yet you are still taking
instructions from your so-called colonial masters.
How can any African country claim independence when they are still being owned
their respective colonial masters, the colonial boundaries are still very much in
place, they can’t do anything without the permission of the colonial masters even
to the welfare of their citizens, the very unfortunate thing is that the same
Europeans are using the supposed African leader to suppress and kill voices
speaking for the good of the masses.
Whatever the colonial masters did not allow will not work in Africa, they dictate
who will win an election even when such practices can’t happen in their domain,
poverty in Africa today is not God-ordained but solely the handiwork of the
European colonial masters. Africa needs freedom; the black race needs
deliverance from the hands of these Europeans.
Who even called us blacks? Are we blacks? Should we continue to be identified as
blacks? What is the meaning of black? Have we faired so well answering blacks or
is it a name concocted to make sure that we in this part of the world will never
rise to destiny? This is a called on all who are from Africa to reject the name
blacks, time has come for us to reject whatever the Europeans have called and
take ourselves off the mud they have placed us over these years.
A call for all African leaders to wake up from their slumber and reject that name
Europeans gave us as a continent, that name Africa must be rejected and
changed, let African youths should reject the figure leaders currently holding
Africa down for their respective neo-colonial masters, people who are ready to
destroy the future of the African youth just for a morsel of bread, these European
neo-colonial masters takes almost all the mineral resources from Africa and in
turn give back what they called AID, African as a people have suffered a lot in the
hands of these wicked neo-colonialists aided and abated by the gullible African
Corruption is everywhere but the African version has no rival, Africa is a blessed
place in terms of mineral resources but not with human resources, in my point of
view I can say that education is a curse to an African man, it has done him worse
that good and it has not helped him in any way.
When will the youth of African realize that the current leaderships across Africa
have no good plan for them and begin to position themselves to make that
needed change, they should begin to reject the current leadership style and make
that all-important decision and resolutions to make that much-needed change in
All names given to African countries should be changed that if it has not been
changed, everything European must leave Africa for good. It is time for a change,
if African leaders will agree with Bill Gates to use African mostly our children to
test their Covid 19 vaccines then it shows you that we don’t have anybody in
terms of leadership as far African is concerned.
This is not to cause hatred or to incite one, this a wake-up call to all concerned,
we Africans cannot continue like this, we must reject it with everything in us, if
have children begin now to educate them about the needed change that must be
made in Africa. We need to start now to change the mentality of these future
leaders of Africa. Let them understand how disastrous the actions of these
leaders on the African population.
Then our dark brothers and sisters all over the world where they were taken to
against their wishes and desires as a result of the slave trade will be respected by
their host countries, they won’t be killed again like goats which don’t have any
owner. The irresponsibility of African leaders is what is given rise to the senseless
killings of our dark-skinned brothers and sisters everywhere in the world.
If you are dark-skinned, you are an African it doesn’t matter where you are
domiciled on the surface of the earth, I am calling on you to raise your voice and
join forces with us to create awareness clamoring for this much-needed change in
Africa. If Africa is respected by other nations of the earth you will be respected, if
Africa is feared among other nations of the earth you will also be feared where
ever you are.
Laws made by world bodies like the UN, WHO, and other important decision
making bodies of world are not always effective when it has to do with Africa, the
law of self-determination as a right of the indigenous people is always taken
seriously when it has to do with other continents and nations of the world but not
with Africans, UN is always quick to respond to conflicts and resolutions in other
parts of the world but not always in Africa. WHY?
Referendum or plebiscites have been granted to countries without much trouble
or agitations but a lot of indigenous nations in Africa have been agitating for self-
determination in the face of terrorism, genocides, and ethnic cleansing but the
organization saddled with the responsibility to look into all these and
consequently take action is sitting aloof doing nothing watching people being
killed for no reason.
They made think our various ways of life are inferior, our languages, dress
codes/styles, food, culture and on every aspect of our lives as African people,
remember that I am advocating for the change of everything European in Africa
so this name Africa must be changed because our continent was named after a
European individual, historians will tell us more on that.
When I was in school, at least the primary stages, at little as I am in those days we
were made to see our native languages as vernacular and then we were made t
understand that the English language is the right way to communicate, we would
be lined out for punishment when we dare speak our native language in class, we
would compete as who will speak the English language better.
Today in most parts of Africa the level of education is measured by how good and
fluent you are speaking the English language even when they don’t know how to
express themselves in their native tongue, our on-air personalities are twisting
their tongues trying to speak the English language better than those who own the
language. Our ways of life were bastardized by these invading European masters.
Africa is a great continent, a place where milk and honey are flowing, name one
mineral resources that you can’t find in Africa, Africa is blessed so also her
offspring who were taken as slaves to different parts of the world, they have
contributed a great deal to the development of wherever they find themselves, it
is time for Africa to rise, it is time for those who receive aids from European
nations to understand that what they giving to you is the proceeds from the
numerous mineral resources stolen from you,
Those who go about taking loans from their neo-colonial masters are not wise in
any way, you gave them crude oil and they give you petroleum in return, you
don’t mind what becomes of all other resources abound in that crude, at the end
of the day when you are broke you return to them for loans and they will you
proceed from other mineral resources from the crude as loans.
African nations kept getting deep necked into depth, owing huge amounts so
difficult for them to repay, they take money that was supposed to pay to them as
proceeds from their mineral resources as loans and struggle to pay back, who did
this to Africa, who are we going to blame, why is African seeing Europeans as
May God raise men for Africa who will liberate u from the bondages and clutches
of the colonial masters, who told them that Africa cannot rise again, Africa
produced vaccines to cure the corona virus but WHO refused to endorse it just
because it is coming from Africa and nothing more, since they refused to produce
one for reasons best known to them yet they refused to endorse our own, African
leaders it is time to get a brain reset.
You can imagine this, whenever any conference or meeting is bordering on
African development, you see African leaders jumping into the airplane traveling
outside Africa to discuss issues bordering her and you want to ask yourself why
are they doing that, the reason behind that is simple, they want to be counted
among those who stepped into the developed countries, they want to see the
world but they cannot build their nations to be like those places they are
spending so much to go and see.
Our best brains are leaving your Africa in droves, getting out there to contribute
to the development of those countries, others who doesn’t have what it takes to
process their traveling documents and travel by air are going by lands, they get
killed by fellow Africans along the way, others who managed to escape being
killed or sold into slavery by fellow Africans too meet their waterloo on the
Mediterranean sea on their way to Europe. y

Evangelist Anthony Chinedu is the evangelist and the founder at the Rapture Ready Evangelistic Ministries, speaker and author, he is the author of the book titled, THE GREAT GLOBAL AWAKENING, a book self-published in 2017 and can be found on and every other reputable online bookstore, he is also the CEO of his pet project known as Catch Them Young, a project meant to reach out to our teenagers with the gospel via their school exercise books and catch them young for God’s kingdom, he’s been around the ministry for some time now and has been used greatly by the Lord in interpreting the endtime prophecies and preaching the endtime messages and breaking of the enemies strongholds. He lives in Lagos Nigeria with his wife and three daughters