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Message ### So many people do not appreciated GOOD PEOPLE when they have them, It's a shame

  Great message from     Apostle Parice c Parker


So many do not appreciated GOOD PEOPLE when they have them. It's a shame
😔 how people degrade others work ethics, values and try to take credit for someone's life contributions. Learn to give credit where credit is due and honor where its deserved. Why wait until its too late to acknowledge someone's good abilities or wait until they reach stardom to want to claim or give them recognition. It's a diagrace to disown loyalty and faithful people without waking up to the truth. Actually, allow their achievements to inspire you to get busy, own up and rise up. One can put a thousand to flight ✈️ and two ten thousand to fight 💪 Dont drag your feet or put extra weight on a visionary by not being actively on duty, committed or a vision destroyer. It's time to #PURSUE and #Possess but you must be in the right #POSITION to #Posture Yourselves to #TAKE #POSSESSION. PROSPERITY is the Purpose of Faith because it will bring 🙏 forth the EVIDENCE YOU NEED TO RISE UP! Everything else is irrelevant 💯 PRODUCE YOUR CAUSE WITH STRONG REASON 💪 💯 👌 😌
Apostle Parice C Parker
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