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This was rightly said in 1967 by Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (Zambian Vice
President 1967-1970) and this is the reality we are facing now, the colonizers
went back after the flag independence and came back as investors but the whole
thing would have been better off if they came s investors, these guys came back
as thieves, with their eyes on the numerous solid and liquid minerals under the
African soil.
Most people will not understand why all the oil companies in Africa are owned by
Europeans and Americans, most mines in Africa are owned by the Chinese, you
may not understand why national investments of those countries in Africa are
dying while these oil companies are flourishing.
They never meant well for an ordinary African courtesy of the wrong leadership
domiciled in Africa, Vice President Simon saw what others didn’t see,
he lamented
and nobody listened, may be because of the kick back from these neo-colonizers
into their pockets.
It is very unfortunate that an average African leader and those
aspiring to get into
leadership positions are going in there for the sake of the people;
they are going
there to serve one foreign thief exploiting African resources and not
to serve his
people whom he or she swore to serve, it is never done in Africa.
The only reason why Europeans agreed to give Africans flag independence is
because they have gone underground to work out ways and how to come back
subtly in order to continue from where they stopped, after all what brought them
to Africa in the first instance isn’t for the good of African, it was
to exploit and
steal African natural resources.
They know that if they can deceive their father with gun powders and mirrors
they can also deceive their children much better with hard currency and one of
the major way of achieving that is to advice the gullible African
leaders to devalue

their currency so that their own currency can be high and a result these African
leaders can do anything just to get the so called hard currency.
You failed to ask yourself a question, why are they against the
African currencies?
What is the reason why they don’t want it to be equal with theirs? What is the
offence of Ghadafi, why was he killed? Why on earth did they call for his head?
Among many other reasons why the killed Ghadafi was that he wanted a hard
currency, at least one from Africa that will rub shoulders with other hard
currencies in Europe and America. Unfortunately Africans could not defend him
because they slave masters wanted him dead, everyone believed all manner
accusations and allegations against him by America without investigations.
If care is not taken and things done the way it supposed to be done, these neo
colonizers won’t leave Africa alone and that’s why I love what happened Mali,
that’s an example for others to follow, if other nations will follow
the steps of the
Malian soldiers, believe me, it will be a matter time and Africa will be freed
The Europeans and American helped African leaders to outlaw military coup in
Africa because they know that it is the only way Africa can be freed; the
Europeans and Americas understood that they can control any civilian president
as must as they want but not a military head of state in most cases as it is
happening in Mali now.
Why are the Europeans and American issuing sanctions upon sanctions on Mali,
the reason is because their stooge, their puppet is no longer in power and
whatever they are getting illegally from Mali stopped immediately. We need to
wake up as Africans and change the name of the continent to start with.
Some months ago, a report came out where we were made to understand that
African as a continent is a very big place, bigger that Europe and America put
together but what did tell us, what did they taught us in school, they
deceived us
by making us to believe that Africa is a small continent but that is a lie.
It is time, it is time, Africa must be free, Europeans and American
won’t do it for
us because that will mean destruction of themselves by themselves, Africa

remains where their source of livelihood comes from therefore it won’t be easy
for them to support any idea that will remove them from Africa.
They have kept Africa fighting each other for centuries, they caused a
very serious
division in Africa because the most potent weapon in the hands of the neo-
colonialists is divide and rule, they hate unity among their slaves
and they won’t
promote it.
In 1967-1970 the British sponsored genocide in the south eastern Nigeria,
predominantly the Igbo speaking areas, for thirty consecutive months the Igbos
were engage in a battle that was meant to wipe them off the surface of
the earth,
if not for the intervention of God Most High, there wouldn’t have been any tribe
called Igbos now.
The British were responsible for the logistics and military hard
wares; they were
able to convince other nations by lying to them against the Igbos, the Egyptian
pilots piloted the war birds, the fighter jets, the Russians came in
with jet bomber
that was used in the Second World War.
The intention of the British wasn’t to see any Igbo man survive that genocide,
they were out to annihilate every living human of the Igbo extract but God said
no, what were they looking for? What was the reason for the genocide committed
against the Igbos, why must the Igbo be wiped out of existence?
The British saw the Igbos as a major obstacle that will stop them from
the rich mineral resources not just not only in Igbo land but in
Africa as a whole, it
took the British thirty years to be able to conquer the Igbos while it took the
mirrors and gun powder to conquer every other tribe here.
So that reason they simply believed that it is only the Igbos that can send them
out of Africa therefore when Ojukwu declared Biafra as a result of the
and killings from the British controlled Nigeria government, the
British saw it as
an opportunity to wipe them off existence.
That war cost the Igbos about ten million people ranging from babies, children,
pregnant women, boys and girls, women and men, countless were raped even to

death by the Nigerian soldiers. The British sponsored the Nigerians to
kill their
fellow Africans in millions just to protect their interest in the oil
flowing from that
Sadly, Africans are still killing themselves today just to help the
British protect
their interest in the black gold flowing from Africa, countless wars have been
executed on the African soil and none of those wars was or is indigenous, it was
all efforts to help the British to protect their interest in Africa.
Today we have many European oil corporations everywhere in the eastern region
of Nigeria causing oil spillage responsible for environmental
degradation, people
who survive of what they can get from the water can no longer do so, farmers no
longer farm and no one is talking about it.
No one is even talking about the genocide committed against the Igbos during the
Biafran war that caused the death of ten million people. No inquiries,
no one has
been held responsible for that genocide, all those who committed that genocide
against the Biafrans are all walking free today. No one is convicted.
No one is in jail  


Evangelist Anthony Chinedu is the evangelist and the founder at the Rapture Ready Evangelistic Ministries, speaker and author, he is the author of the book titled, THE GREAT GLOBAL AWAKENING, a book self-published in 2017 and can be found on and every other reputable online bookstore, he is also the CEO of his pet project known as Catch Them Young, a project meant to reach out to our teenagers with the gospel via their school exercise books and catch them young for God’s kingdom, he’s been around the ministry for some time now and has been used greatly by the Lord in interpreting the endtime prophecies and preaching the endtime messages and breaking of the enemies strongholds. He lives in Lagos Nigeria with his wife and three daughters