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 BY  ANTHONY  CHINEDU +2348036219129 - Mobile +2348080345591 - Whatsapp
God bless Mali and all who deemed it fit to do what has been done in that country
in recent time, it is very commendable, I commend those soldiers who are
courageous enough to say enough is enough and I am calling on all other good
men and women from other African countries to follow the steps of those great
Malians soldiers.
The Europeans unfortunately divided Africa among themselves and warned
themselves not to listen to any call for freedom from the oppressed people of
Africa therefore if we really wanted freedom from the stronghold of these
Europeans we must and definitely do what the Malian soldiers did.
We can’t trust our political leaders to save us from these Europeans, no, that
won’t be possible because it is those Europeans and Americans that selected
them to become our presidents and not just because we voted, they determine
who becomes president in every Africa country.
As a result of these they may not be able to raise a finger even when their
European masters are telling them to kill their citizens who dare ask questions,
even those who wants freedom, whatever they want done in Africa, there are
willing tools always to achieve that for them, they will simply recruit one criminal
that suits their plans and make him president, it doesn’t matter whether we voted
or not.
This has been the order of the day since they claimed that Africans nations are
now independent, the truth still remains that no African nation is independent up
till now, it was only what we know as flag independence, what does that mean? It
means to allow you change from their own flag to your own flag.
But the colonialism is still intact because the one they are handing over to has
already entered into an agreement to continue to take orders from them despite
that they have gone back to their countries, if the younger generation continue to
support these colonial slaves in power right now things will never change.
Colonial mentality have eaten deeply into the blood, veins, marrows and bones of
every African born and unborn as a result these political slaves forcing us to
believe that whatever comes from the Europeans are good and we can’t do
without them.
My fellow Africans, we can do without them, in fact we can do much better
without them, all it needs is for our people and the younger generation to wake
up and say no to neocolonialism, it is time to say enough is enough, if we don’t
wake up now these Europeans will kill all of us.
They have in their plans to have Africans annihilated, wiped out from the surface
of the earth so that there will be unhindered access and control over our mineral
resources, my fellow African they want us all dead, don’t get it twisted, they have
all manner of bio weapon in stock for you and me.
They are not coming after us with tanks, bombs and guns because they
understand very well that the whole world will come against them, that’s why
they planned and produced all manners of bio weapon that will be used to
exterminate Africans.
I hope you who is reading this piece have listened to Bill Gate and his wife over
their activities on how to use contraceptives to sterilize African women so as to
stop them from further child bearing, this is another subtle way to reduce African
population, are we even sure that the same vaccine they are taking in America
and Europe is the same thing they are giving to us here.
Why are they supplying it free to African nations and pay heavily to these
countries in other to make sure that Africans are forced to take it, the sense there
is that if you give me food free of charge and turn around to force me to eat it,
then you have given me reasons to suspect you and the food you brought.
So many people have lost their jobs and so many are on the verge of losing their
jobs as a result of rejecting the vaccines, in the UK they no longer force people to
take vaccine, the Americans are withdrawing from forceful vaccinations but why
are people still being forced to take it in Africa.
Like I was saying, all manner of bio weapons have been manufactured for the
total annihilation of Africans, from now on you be witnessing pandemic upon
pandemic and vaccines upon boosters, actually there may not be any pandemic
but it is a subtle way of pushing the bio weapons into Africa for the pre planned
Whatever comes free from the Europeans and America are not good for our
consumption and I want our people to very careful, we should stop seeing them
as something special, it is same red blood running in our veins, their culture is
even more demonic that our own cultures in Africa.
In one of their video I watched, they were discussing within themselves how
worthless African are, how we are not worthy to live because we don’t contribute
anything the world economy, this is after stealing our solid minerals and oils then
they will turn around to tell us we don’t contribute anything to the world
They said in that video that they want to reduce the population of the world from
seven billion to one billion and most people that must be eliminated are going to
come from African and the blacks in the western world, this genocide is being
targeted against the blacks, it doesn’t matter where you reside or where you are
coming from.
African must wake up to the reality on ground, the Malian people have shown us
that it is very possible, they have taken back their county from the French and
ordered them to move out with everything that looks like them including their
language and they must be commended for this historic act.
We must support and encourage them not to retreat nor surrender, they must
hold on, it doesn’t matter the sanctions coming from the EU, AU and the
ECOWAS, it is important for Malians to understand that they can do much better
without these organizations mentioned here because they are only agent of
oppressions and poverty.
It is also important for the Malians to understand that they can’t stand alone in
this especially in the African continent, I am calling upon them to look out for
other nations who are yearning for freedom and are ready to do what they have
done and work with them and you must act like a big brother to every other
African nation willing to be freed from neocolonialism.
Forget about anything like giant of Africa, I want to let you understand that there
is nothing like that, it a lie from the British people, they only forced different
nations of Africa together and called them Nigeria, so that every other African
nation can look up to them for help which they can’t offer.
Their original plan was to have a country in Africa with the highest population,
that’s the sole reason why they went ahead to pull over three hundred tribes and
languages together and called the a country, their intention is to use them to
influence other smaller nations in Africa for their gain.
I want to urge the Malians to hold on strong, you can become the much needed
giant of Africa, the much needed big brother, as of now there is nothing like that,
we don’t have it, it is time to say no to the lies of the British people. They have
been feeding fat from Africa using lies as potent weapon to keep Africa down.
They deceived our forefathers; they gave them mirrors and convinced them to
sell our people to them for slave purposes, they lied all manners of lies to deceive
our paramount rulers and eventually controlled them and get them to work
against their own people.
It baffled me that the same lies they used to deceive our forefathers who were
not educated is still the lies they are using today against us in this time when we
have more educated people who suppose to know better, they used mirrors and
gum powder in those days but today they are using hard currencies in place of
mirrors and gun powder, in 21 st century, are we going to be deceived the same
way our forefathers were deceived? No.
As long this neocolonialism continues African currency will be as useless as the
dung, they will not allow any currency to come up because it will become a threat
to their hard currencies as they claimed, why do they have hard currency over
there and all we have in Africa is weak currency, it is manmade or what?
Is it a taboo if currencies in Africa become hard currency? Why are we fooling
around letting human being like us determine our day to day live, what does it to
shake off these parasites off our back and live our lives by ourselves and for
ourselves. All men are born equal and free. Oppression is witchcraft and must be
stopped at all cost.
You can’t imagine how low African leaders will go to make sure there is no travel
ban against them from these western world nations, in Nigeria election were
conducted and concluded to a near free and fair because America threatened
them with visa ban.
An average African leader is ready to do anything to get a visa from the western
world nations, even it means killing his fellow citizen, the Nigeria/Biafra war was
fought and millions killed because the British people said no to the Aburi accord,
they told the Nigeria leadership to annihilate the Biafrans.
The British people aided an Africa nation to kill their very own brother, their
fellow African, the Nigerian troupes waded war against their own just because a
British man wants it that way, a British man sent you to kill your own brother just
to protect the British interest in your country.
Now when will you as an African get a Briton to kill his people or wage war against
his own people just to protect your interest in Britain? That is if you have any.
Africa must as a matter of fact wake up. I am an African, and I love my people, we
are not blacks as they claimed, we are not Africans as the also claimed.
I am demanding now from all who are in position to begin to make way for the
change of name for Africa, Africa must be freed. Europe and America must leave
Africa alone to take her place among other continents with dignity, African people
must rise and say no to racism, genocide, oppression and poverty imposed on us
by these westerners.

Evangelist Anthony Chinedu is the evangelist and the founder at the Rapture Ready Evangelistic Ministries, speaker and author, he is the author of the book titled, THE GREAT GLOBAL AWAKENING, a book self-published in 2017 and can be found on and every other reputable online bookstore, he is also the CEO of his pet project known as Catch Them Young, a project meant to reach out to our teenagers with the gospel via their school exercise books and catch them young for God’s kingdom, he’s been around the ministry for some time now and has been used greatly by the Lord in interpreting the endtime prophecies and preaching the endtime messages and breaking of the enemies strongholds. He lives in Lagos Nigeria with his wife and three daughters