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Welcome Dog-Gone Good Training Grounds LLC

 WELCOME  Dog-Gone Good Training Grounds LLC

Mission Statement:

To implement training tools to correctly equip your K9's learning and training abilities and to also showcase well trained and well mannered K9's.
To build a strong relationship with your puppy and or dog based on trust and cooperation. The puppies and dogs will learn self control and great manners in a fun atmosphere with exciting training exercises. Clickers and training collars will be effective tools to help enhance you puppies and dogs learning abilities for obedience training and leash training.
Commands Being Taught:
1. Name Game- Taught their name
2. Watch Me Command- Focus and attention
3. Sit Command
4. Down Command
5. Stay Command
6. Walking on a Leash
7. Release Word/Command- Getting up when told
8. Come When Called


CONTAC US  +1 302-572-9146