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Great message from Pastor Parice Parker who is CEO & FOUNDER of Fountain of Life Publisher's House


By Parice Parker

Good Day,

I know a power struggle goes through your mind at times should I write, or should I not? Will my writings ever be a success, or will I end up like many other authors with my book being a dud? Thinking of the excellent and the bad things that could happen, but doubt begins to take over, causing your dreams to be buried alive. Imaging in a scary movie when an absurd killer buries someone alive, they are slowing suffocate until all life is a goner. Don't let your writing career die. Here is where dreams die because the visionary of the vision loses hope in bringing the vision life. You must rekindle your hope today and help your baby live. You never know the direction your writings will take you, and the trials it will lead you in life. Your writing journey will cause you to walk a trail that will introduce you to more incredible people who would have more of what you need. Your writings will connect you to suitable destiny connectors, and they will only come through your finished work. Imagine the people in life that quit on their dreams and their life went sour or the opposite direction than it could have? Now, think of all the people in life that have been successful because they didn't quit trying to name a few Oprah Winfrey, Joyce Myers, Paula White, Steve Harvey, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, and Tyler Perry. All was broke living in poverty and had a dream that they wouldn't let die! Don't let your writing career die.
I will never forget the legend Prince stated years ago. You are a slave if you cannot get what you want or live how you want. In building vision, your dedication, perseverance, with consistency, truly matters. Your age doesn't matter, but your determination does. How determined are you to accomplish?
Writing makes the best musicians, authors, plays, movies, etc.
Habakkuk 2:2
“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”
Let us get you started back and focus on Writing Your Books. Call me today to start again so you can finish.
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