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5 tips to choose a wife wisely and carefully

 by -David Rakewa

Choosing a wife is not a thing to do overnight. It is a complex process that requires keenness and carefulness. 

A wife means a woman you choose to spend the rest of your life with and the mother to your kids. Considering this description, you would wish to get the best for yourself. 

Here are 5 tips to choose a wife wisely and carefully;

1. She's got to be attractive

Attraction is something you wouldn't want to miss in your marriage. The woman you choose to spend the rest of your life must attract you. She must make you want her every time you set your eyes on her. If she doesn't attract you then chances are that your marriage won't last. 

2. She has to inspire you to grow

Her presence in your life should push you to make life better for you and her. Additionally, she must have the habit of pushing and encouraging you to grow as a person and as a family. She should do this without changing who you are. 

3. She works to improve herself

An effective wife should be a woman who works to make herself better. She shouldn't depend entirely on you to make her life what she wants. A woman good enough to become a wife should be able to sustain herself with or without you. 

4. She is family-oriented

Of course, you wouldn't opt to marry someone who doesn't value family. Check how she interacts with her family and yours. The truth is a woman who doesn't value her family and/or your family won't be good enough for the new family you'll start with her. 

5. She should be God-fearing

Unless you won't let God be the foundation of your marriage, you don't need a God-fearing wife. But whoever wants a strong marriage guided by God must go for a God-fearing partner.