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Kimberle Edwards Braggs:
Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview 

     And this is how our interview was:

#Respicius Francis: Tell us about yourself
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs: I am Kimberle Edwards Braggs 45 yrs of age, I live in Houston Tx (all my life) I am a single Mother of 2 beautiful girls. And I love God and love to sing His praise! A min of music for over 27 yrs at House of Deliverance COGIC revival center... and also have ministered praise and worship at many other churches in and around the Texas Area.
 #Respicius Francis:when did you start to sing gospel ??
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I’ve been singing since the age 7.. Always have been gospel! Never tried anything else.

 #Respicius Francis:Up to now how many albums do you have??
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I have 1 #Respicius Francis :.which ways are you using to sell your albums?? Kimberle Edwards Braggs:Solo CD “My Story” by Kimberle Sold on most digital sites: Amazon music iTunes CD baby

 #Respicius Francis :Who is sponsoring you in your work??
Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I am an independent Artist so most of what I do is sponsored by my manager, myself, family and friends and my church.
#Respicius Francis :How is the response of youths on your work of gospel music singing??
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:My audience range from 15 to 65 I would say, and it really depends on the song that captures the different age groups. But I have a good following From the youth

 #Respicius Francis :What attracted you to sing gospel music ??
Kimberle Edwards Braggs: My family is a singing family and my uncle is the family Pastor we’ve been singing Gods praise since before I was born...

 #Respicius Francis :which is your plan on advertising your work outside Africa ??
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:if I could expand to Africa I would first educate myself on their style of praise and connect with that and we all serve the Same God so the Praise and worship would come naturally!

 Respicius Francis :Is your gospel music helping youths to be good people in the society /
 #Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I would hope and pray the music I am producing is attracting the youth to Christ, my ultimate goal in Singing is to help ease the heart of pain and assurance that no matter what comes or may God is always there, and mostly that someone may be saved! Our youth have a lot of distraction but our duty is to help and be examples so that Christ may be seen they us! 

#Respicius Francis :Am sure you must be facing some challenges, which are they?
Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I face normal challenges, rejection, hurts, disappointments But God has always kept me as in His word he Never left or Forsaken me, which gave me strength to keep going and pressing my way thru it all! These are some of the issues that are associated with being an independent artist..

 #Respicius Francis :Give us your opinions about the leadership of TRUMP??
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I am not into the politics at all, however, I honestly pray for all of Gods ppl, I believe that what God allows he have full control of what can and will come to pass!

 #Respicius Francis:.Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?
 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:My apologies I don’t know much about your country Tanzania, but I will take the time to learn of it...

 #Respicius Francis :If it happens you have came in Africa which country would you like to visit? Kimberle Edwards Braggs:If I had the opportunity I would like to visit Tanzania of course, and also Malawi our church contribute to a well there! So I would like to see that!

 Kimberle Edwards Braggs:I hope I have answered your questions thoroughly and I greatly appreciate this opportunity. May the Grace of God bless and keep you! Yours Truly, Kimberle’