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Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview 
And this is how our interview was:
Respicius Francis;Tell us about yourself
Gáyla James My name is Gayla James, I’m from Fort Myers, Fl in USA.
Respicius Francis:.when did you start to sing gospel ??
Gáyla James :I started singing gospel at the young age of 3.
Respicius Francis :Up to now how many albums do you have??
Gáyla James:I have 3 albums.
Respicius Francis: which ways are you using to sell your albums??
Gayla James; i sell my albums on Digital outlet stores such as ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and CDs.
Respicius Francis.Who is sponsoring you in your work??
Gáyla James :No one is sponsoring me, I’m a independent artist with a independent label.
Respicius Francis: Who is sponsoring you in your work? Gayla James :No one is sponsoring me, I’m a independent artist with a independent label.
Respicius Francis :How is the response of youths on your work of gospel music ??
Gayla James :Youth love my music because it’s a blend of urban contemporary and Hiphop and it’s also music they can dance to.
Respicius Francis: What attracted you to sing gospel music ??
Gayla James: I grew up singing gospel music because my mom is a gospel singer as well, so I was always exposed to singing gospel music, it’s all I know
Respicius Francis ;which is your plan on advertising your work outside Africa
Gayla James: I plan to continue through social media and digital outlets stores
Respicius Francis.Is your gospel music helping youths to be good people in the society /?
Gayla James: I believe my music is helping youth because I talk about real life struggles that they go through on a daily basis
Respicius Francis:How is the response of youth in religious matters ???
Gáyla James:Some youth are into church and some youth are not expose to church if no one introduce them to it.
Respicius Francis: How is the response of youth in religious matters ???
Gáyla James :The government in the USA gives freedom to religious practices
Respicius Francis :Am sure you must be facing some challenges, which are they?
Gáyla James: Well my challenges are getting the exposure that I need to get people to see me, they hear my music on radio and social media but I need people to see me sing in more cities and countries
Respicius Francis :If it happens you have came in Africa which country would you like to visit?
Gáyla James: I would love to come to Africa to sing and it doesn’t matter what part of the country, I believe it would be exciting and a great experience 
Respicius Francis :Do you think racial segregation in US to blacks is over?
Gáyla James:Oh I no, I believe it has gotten worse since we have a new president.
.@Respicius Francis :How is the situation of non native citizen to participate in activity in US?is it Friendly?
Gáyla James:It varies, some are friendly and some are not because they feel that they are not welcome here.
Respicius Francis: .Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?
Gáyla James:No I don’t know anyone
.@Respicius Francis: What is the difference of responding religious matters between US and Africa ??
Gáyla James:Well I know in America we have freedom of different religions but I really don’t know about Africa response to religion
Respicius Francis :In U.S is there freedom of worship?
Gáyla James:es we have freedom of worship in the US
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