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10 Ways to be a Better Wife

Yafahamu Mavazi Makuu Manne Wanayopitia Wanawake - Ghafla! Tanzania
How to be a better wife? How to make your husband, children, yourself, and your whole family happy? If you want to be the best wife for your husband, here are some ways you may consider.
1. Be extraordinary.
Be a rare gem for your husband. You don’t need to have exceptional physical beauty. Just have personal qualities that are hard to find in women or even in all humanity, such as honesty, compassion, humility, loyalty, and consistency. When you have these important traits, you will not only be a better wife but also be the best wife for your husband.
2. Be easier to trust.
Your husband may love you truly and deeply, and he will trust you every day. However, if he always catches you lying and breaking your promises, he will definitely struggle to trust you. Be a better wife by always practicing honesty. Prove to your husband that you can be trusted. Love your husband in return by making it easy for him to trust you.
3. Trust your husband.
Trust your husband and give him some air to breathe. Don’t just let him feel that he is loved but also let him feel that he is trusted.
4. Quit nagging.
According to Proverbs 25:24, it is “better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.” Hence, if you wish to be a better wife, stop nagging and being a grouchy wife. Instead, be a peacemaker and give your husband and children peace of mind.
5. Make efforts to make your husband happy.
If you want to be a good wife, always think about making your husband happy. But if you want to be a better wife, do something to make your hubby really glad. Yes, thoughts do count, but actions count much better.
Do your best to satisfy your husband. Cook his favorite food. Surprise him with a gift. Give him a relaxing massage. And when it comes to your bedroom, try to fulfill your husband’s fantasies.
6. Make efforts to make yourself happy.
You may see your husband happy, but if he notices that you’re gloomy, his gladness will be shattered, especially if he loves you. Therefore, also do something to satisfy yourself, not just your husband. But what can you do?
Open your mind and start exploring things that you have not tried yet. For example, if your husband enjoys watching Marvel and DC movies but they’re not your thing, try them. Learn more about the characters. If you are more familiar with the characters and their stories, you will find it more enjoyable to watch them.
Furthermore, don’t let your husband be happy in the bedroom alone. The both of you must enjoy this matrimonial gift. Learn new things. Make efforts to learn sexual positions that will make you more satisfied. If your husband will see that you’re satisfied and you truly enjoy it, it will make him happier and boost his morale.
7. Have self-control.
Self-control gives birth to several good virtues. It helps you break bad habits. It helps you achieve goals in your career, business, and life itself. It prevents you from being rude. It keeps you away from sickness. It protects you from sins. It makes you gentler. It helps you avoid hurting your husband, children, and yourself.
8. Be a generous and gracious wife.
Stop keeping score in your relationship. Quit complaining just because you contribute more than what your husband contributes. Yes, you have the right to protest, but isn’t love about giving without expecting that your partner will also give something in return?
To be a better wife, you have to be generous, which means giving with a cheerful heart. And did you know the difference between blessing and grace? A blessing is something you receive because you work for it and you deserve it. On the other hand, grace is something you receive even if you don’t deserve it.
Be a gracious wife by loving your husband even if sometimes he doesn’t deserve it.
9. Be a better daughter-in-law.
Pay respect and honor to your husband’s parents. Visit and talk with them. Get along with them. Have fun with them. Remember that as the wife of their son, you are already considered as their daughter and a significant part of their family.
10. Be a better sibling-in-law.
Of course, you should not also forget caring for the siblings of your husband. They are your brothers and sisters too now. Be kind and friendly to them. Have conversations with them. Don’t be shy to ask for their help or hesitate to help them if they need you. Take note that you are already having a bigger family.