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Meet with SHELBY PARRIS who is an Author of A new Book known as"Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish"

Author :  Respicius Francis   
Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview  SHELBY PARRIS   who  is  an  author of   A new book     which  is known  as   "Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish"   And here are the following  following questions I asked him
Respicius Francis Tell us about yourself
Shelby Parris :To start I was born and raised in New Jersey of the United States. I would say I’ve always had a knack for entrepreneurship. I come from a bloodline of leaders, bosses, managers, and captains; I always was one to work hard towards my goals and the older I got, the more I learned and the more I applied to life and my businesses.
Image may contain: Shelby Parris, smiling, standing, car, night and outdoor ,I am a 22yr old serial entrepreneur who’s just finished his second book.
Respicius Francis :what is your book concern about ??
Shelby Parris :Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish is a simplified three-step process on how to utilize the universal law of attraction for a personal to be able to manifest what they desire to have.
Respicius Francis :what does it mean by that of the "Change Your Subconscious an Accomplish"??
Shelby Parris :To make a change to who you are you must first make the internal change. And to really make a change you have to go to the source. They say the subconscious mind controls about 90% of what we do; So if we’re going to change who we are, we have to change the powerhouse of us.
Respicius FrancisHow long did it take to accomplish writing that book ??
Shelby Parris :The book itself only took me about a few weeks to write the first draft but it took me about four months before being able to have it published.
Respicius Francis.How many books you have succeeded to write up now??
Shelby Parris:This was my first book, but I’m already working on my second book now.
Respicius Francis :.Which challenges did you face during writing this book??
Shelby Parris :None in terms of writing the book. The challenge was finding proofreaders.
Respicius Francis ;Who sponsored you in that work??
Shelby Parris :Nobody.
Respicius Francis":Which issue that pushed you to write that book??
Shelby Parris:I knew that I had a story to tell and wanted to help people.
Respicius Francis :How is the response of people towards your book??
Shelby Parris :Great! I had a few people tell me they’ve read the book over again already.
Respicius Francis :.Which means are you using to advertise your book ??
Shelby Parris :Social media.
Respicius Francis:.What is your plan on advertising your book in out side of your country ??
Shelby Parris :I’m going to keep making connections with who I can connect with and keep growing my brand all around
Respicius Francis will give you the offer of advertising your book in Tanzania and East Africa in general re you ready??
Shelby ParrisYes.lam ready??
Respicius Francis ;. Which country would you like to visit in AFRICA if it happens you to come in Africa.??
Shelby Parris :Definitely Kemet, Ghana, Rwanda, and Kenya. But wherever I can see. I just want to see the beautifes of Africa in general.
Respicius Francis.Do you think that the education that is provided in U.S is genuine
Shelby Parris :No.
Respicius Francis:. Which weaknesses do you observe in US education?
Shelby Parris :The education system in the U.S is exactly what it’s supposed to be. The indoctrinated information, and white washed western-civilized education system is what it’s supposed to be.
Respicius Francis :.How is the situation of non native citizen to participate in activity in US?is it Friendly?
Shelby Parris :No.
Respicius Francis :.Give us your opinions about the leadership of President Donald Trump.??
Shelby Parris :To the ones who follow him he’s a great leader. To the ones that oppose himhe’s an awful leader. I personally don’t care about who’s in office or the politicians and political battles. It’s all a lot of b.s. I don’t really blame Trump either. He’s just the man that’s in office right now. It’s a lot of other people who would be just a s”bad” or worse in office. I worry about what I can do for myself and my causes.
Respicius Francis :How do the learners from low living standard families managing to afford
the costs of education?
Shelby Parris :They go to the public schools or charter schools and if parents can afford it they send them to private schools. College wise everyone is working for a scholarship.
Respicius Francis :Do you think racial segregation in US to blacks is over?
Shelby Parris : No.