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Meet with Samuel Phillips Jr. a young entrepreneur from (U.S.A) who is involving in Graphic Design, Photography,

Author :  Respicius Francis  
mr:Samuel Phillips Jr.
Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview  Samuel Phillips Jr.
who is  involving  in  Graphic Design, Photography, and Cinematography business and a clothing line called Peculiar Lifestyle.
Samuel Phillips Jr. is carrying out different issues including business as a matter of generating income but also to motivate and inspire young people and entrepreneurs at large. He is one of the few young entrepreneurs dared and took risk to make sure his dreams comes true through self employment (entrepreneurship). 
And here are the following questions I asked him.

 Respicius Francis:Tell us about yourself
#Samuel Phillips Jr.: My name is Samuel Phillips Jr., a native of a small town called Carthage, NC. I am happily married to my wife Lenisha Phillips and father to 3 beautiful daughters. Growing up I have always had an interest in basketball and business. Since I am not in the NBA, you can see the path I chose is clear. I have had a love for art and creating things since I was tiny. My father was a painting major and great athlete in track and field, so it did not surprise many people that I would somewhat follow in his footsteps by studying Graphic Design at Chow an University and playing basketball most of my life. Later in my life, I picked up being a DJ, Sound Technician, Videographer, and many other hats I have worn throughout the years. Though most people would say the best superlative I have would be my cooking.

 Respicius Francis:Which business are you dealing with in U.S.A??
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:I have a Graphic Design, Photography, and Cinematography business and a clothing line called Peculiar Lifestyle.
 Respicius Francis: May you tell us, when did you start business??
 #Samuel Phillips Jr.:I have been doing Graphic Design as a freelancer for about 10, but only since October have I officially launched Eagle Design Studios. .
Respicius Francis:How much monetary Capital did you invest to start your business?
 #Samuel Phillips Jr.:I was blessed with $6000 to begin.
 Respicius Francis:What challenges did you face when starting your business in the very Beginning? #Samuel Phillips Jr.:Most challenges I faced was purchasing quality equipment with low capital. Many jobs I was not able to take on because I did not have the equipment to fulfill a request. We have faced the hardships of gaining exposure over already established Graphic Design firms.

 Respicius Francis:How many people are employed in your company up to date?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:Currently, I do most of the work, so I do not have any employees as of yet, but I have been planning to expand in the next few months.

 Respicius Francis: What success have you gained after starting your company?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:The most success I have gained is networking and working with groups like the Democratic Party, various churches, and nonprofits.

 Respicius Francis: What (you think) is the uniqueness of your company as compared to
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:other companies doing similar/the same business? Our highest quality that is unique to us is our versatility. Most companies will give you graphic design or photography or cinematography and outsource the other while our company does it all at home and more. We pride ourselves in having a true all in one solution.

Respicius Francis: What are future expectations in your business?
 #Samuel Phillips Jr.:We are looking to expand more into the cinematography and tv broadcasting market. So our expectations of what we can offer people not only locally, but nationally and one day internationally is very high.

 Respicius Francis:How do you manage to survive (maintain the business) in such great competitions with other companies?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:We offer excellent services and high quality at affordable prices. I know that sounds like a cliche commercial, but it is very accurate. We produce high quality like a lot of the bigger companies, but we are also more affordable than they are.

 Respicius Francis:May you tell us your experience, what are the best ways that youths can do in order to become successful in entrepreneurship?
 #Samuel Phillips Jr.:Levels of success are variant between different people. To see your business, finances, and staff grow, I believe in the 4Ps. Prayer, Perseverance, and Patience. I think you can not reach any amount of success and true potential without God first only He has the best plan, so I pray before I make any decisions. Starting a business you may not see the outcome you want at first, and things may look bad that you want to quit, but you must Persevere through the non-productive days. You must have patience. You hear success stories on how one person did this or that and one week, one month, or 3 months they were millionaires, but in reality, for the rest of the 95% of entrepreneurs things did not happen that fast. You have to have the patience to build and expand. Finally, you must Push past your comfort zone. You have to ask a question, network, and don’t be afraid to hear a No, that will only put you closer to a Yes.

 Respicius Francis :.Why have you decided to do that business?
 #Samuel Phillips Jr.:I have done Graphic Design as a hobby for nine years, so it was almost a no-brainier in which business I would start first.
 Respicius Francis :.Which methods are using to advertise your business so that to get customers? #Samuel Phillips Jr.:We use Email marketing and Social Media mostly, but also some direct mail too.
 Respicius Francis :.Is there good environment in U.S.A of doing business or entrepreneurship for youths?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:Now is the best time to start your own business. You can begin business with next to nothing and based on your company have more grants and or business loans to help you launch. All it takes now is the courage to step out and start.
 Respicius Francis :In U.S.A the issue of unemployment to youths is in which extent for??
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:The unemployment rate is currently still going down, so more youths are finding employment or starting businesses themselves.

 Respicius Francis :Is it easy for the entrepreneur like you to get loan?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:Yes, but only when you have a great team of people working with you and behind you. I have my mentor Todd Curry that has helped me be able to word and present things correctly.
 Respicius Francis :Give us your opinions about the leadership of TRUMP??
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:I believe Trump is a good businessman and has perfect business sense, but honestly, as president, I do not think he is right for the position. I still respect him because he is still the President of the United States.

 Respicius Francis :How is the situation of non native citizen to participate in activity in U.S.A ?is it Friendly?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:The US has always been friendly. I believe to non-native citizens. Here lately I can see how the news headlines could scare non-native citizens under the current presidential administration, but that is far from the truth.

 Respicius Francis :Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:I can not say I have extensive knowledge of Tanzania. The only thing I can re member learning about Tanzania in school was about Mount Kilimanjaro.

 Respicius Francis.Do you think racial segregation in US to blacks is over?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:I believe racial segregation is not as prominent. It has been pushed as a social norm in today's society to accept or push certain “stereotypes” of the black culture that does not create segregation, but more so different groups try to push racial hierarchy. A modern way of racial discrimination is saying everyone is accepted, but not on certain levels. I do believe though there will be a day soon where racist feelings against blacks will not be a social norm.

 Respicius Francis :Is the U.S government giving you cooperation when you want to start your business ?
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:Starting a business in the US is equal opportunity. Depending on the industry determines the direct and or indirect nature of how much cooperation one gets from the government.

 Respicius Francis.Which country would you like to visit in AFRICA if it happens you come in Africa.??
#Samuel Phillips Jr.:Here lately I have been wanted to go to Ghana and meet Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. I also wanted to visit South Africa and Tanzania to get pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Thank you again for the opportunity