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Meet with Leo Encalade a young entrepreneur from (USA) who has invested in real estate business

Author :  Respicius Francis   
 Mr Leo Encalade

Meet with  Leo Encalade a young   entrepreneur  from (USA) who has invested in real estate business.
 I had a chance to conduct an interview with him where he expressed a lot about himself and how he did involve himself in this Business , He is a kind of young man who has inspire   many people inside and outside USA towards his activities he's conducting
And here are the following questions I asked him.

Respicius Francis :Tell us about yourself
Leo Encalade:My name is Leo Encalade, “DRealEstateKing.” I am a 22 Year Old Visionary, Community Leader, and Real Estate Entrepreneur out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

 #Respicius Francis :Which business are you dealing with in U.S.A??
 Leo Encalade:Real Estate

 #Respicius Francis :May you tell us, when did you start business??
 Leo Encalade:My Queen Tenesha Encalade and I officially started Encalade Royalty Acquisitions September 2017.

 #Respicius Francis :.How much monetary Capital did you invest to start your business?
Leo Encalade:One Thousand Dollars

 #Respicius Francis:What challenges did you face when starting your business in the very beginning? Leo Encalade :Gaining Traction within our real estate market which all boils down to our Consistency and Persistence (Hustle) with providing value to all whom we come in contact with.

 #Respicius Francis:How many people are employed in your company up to date?
Leo Encalade :3 People

 #Respicius Francis :What success have you gained after starting your company?
Leo Encalade :My success has allowed me to surround myself with like-minded individuals, who have similar aspirations. Also helping others gain knowledge about financial literacy has played a big role in my success.

 Respicius Francis :What (you think) is the uniqueness of your company as compared to other companies doing similar/the same business?
Leo Encalade :Compared to other companies in the same business, “ERA” doesn’t just focus on building business for us but instead building long-term relationships with our clients.

 #Respicius Francis :What are future expectations in your business?
 Leo Encalade :My future expectations are, to expand our Real Estate Empire to owning communities to help build Schools, Hotels, housing, and all other infrastructure needed to help the community function. While at same time allow the community to take part in that ownership.

 #Respicius Francis :.How do you manage to survive (maintain the business) in such great competitions with other companies?
 Leo Encalade :When it comes to survival I believe in Collaboration over Competition. The only real obstacle is putting aside ego and seeing big picture because unity is wealth. .

 #Respicius Francis : May you tell us your experience, what are the best ways that youths can do in order to become successful in entrepreneurship?
Leo Encalade :In order to become successful in entrepreneurship is to know that success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility. You have to be willing to fail forward you will never know everything before getting started. Every failure comes with it a seed of success. Just keep going.

 #Respicius Francis :Why have you decided to do that business?
Leo Encalade :Real Estate is the embodiment of Legacy but it is also the Blueprint to Generational Wealth building. 90% of all Millionaires have Real Estate In their portfolio and there wont be any more land being made.

 #Respicius Francis :Which methods are using to advertise your business so that to get customers? Leo Encalade :Our marketing efforts tend to be directed to Direct Mail, Social Media, Cold Calling and Referrals, but I think the biggest key above all is being Consistent with advertising which pertains to not only production but also with branding.

 #Respicius Francis :.Is there good environment in U.S.A of doing business or entrepreneurship for youths?
 Leo Encalade :I feel that now we are more connected than ever. We live in the Information Age, which means that everything is accessible in terms of information. Innovation is a step added to staircase.

 #Respicius Francis :In U.S.A the issue of unemployment to youths is in which extent for??
 Leo Encalade :Lack of Self Ownership, we have to build our own businesses. The only BOSS is the customer because it is the customer whom will keep the business running profitably which will allow us to hire more people.

 #Respicius Francis : .Is it easy for the entrepreneur like you to get loan?
Leo Encalade :Developing a solid Credit profile for business or personal is key to be able to receive one.

 #Respicius Francis : .Give us your opinions about the leadership of TRUMP??
 Leo Encalade :I don’t focus on Trump’s leadership; I focus on the Leadership within my own community.

 #Respicius Francis : .How is the situation of non-native citizen to participate in activity in U.S.A? Is it Friendly?
 Leo Encalade :Their participation is more consistent and unified than some of the actual citizens of the U.S. For instance various demographics and unify their dollar to build with each other. #Respicius Francis :Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania? Leo Encalade :Not much about Tanzania but I would love to visit.

 #Respicius Francis : Do you think racial segregation in US to blacks is over?
Leo Encalade :I believe racial segregation has ascended to not physically separate but to mentally separate. Blacks are taught to feed other communities and work for other businesses instead of working for ourselves and building our own communities. .

#Respicius Francis : Is the U.S government giving you cooperation when you want to start your business?
Leo Encalade :I believe there are number of different aids such as “Grants, Tax Credits, and other aids” that a great number of people miss out on simply from lack of curiosity and educating themselves on what is available