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Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview 
  Christopher J. Upchurch : A GOSPEL SINGER WHO IS DOING THE BEST IN U.S.A//

 And this is how our interview was:

#Respicius Francis : Tell us about yourself
Christopher J. Upchurch :I’m Christopher J. Upchurch born in Flint, Mi which at one point was one of the most riches cities in the U.S.A because of General Motors. I’m married to the wonderful, gorgeous Dr. Amanda Upchurch. We have 5 Children and 18 grandchildren including my wife’s. I reside in Mississippi now and I am an Apostle and Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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 #Respicius Franciswhen did you start to sing gospel ??
Christopher J. Upchurch : I started to sing the Gospel around 14 years old that’s when I was saved.

 #Respicius Francis:p to now how many albums do you have??
Christopher J. Upchurch :I have one official album and a few official single releases.

 #Respicius Francis :which ways are you using to sell your albums??
Christopher J. Upchurch : My music is available through distribution outlets like iTunes, Amazon Online.
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 #Respicius Francis :Who is sponsoring you in your work??
Christopher J. Upchurch :I invest in myself a lot and there are others who support when I ask like church members, family, friends.

 #Respicius Francis :How is the response of youths on your work of gospel music singing?? Christopher J. Upchurch :The youth LOVE the sound and the music I actually had a band that was mostly youth.

 #Respicius Francis :What attracted you to sing gospel music ??
Christopher J. Upchurch :I liked Deitrick Haddon and Kirk Franklin Mary Mary they inspired me to have my own sound and uniqueness.

 # Respicius Francis which is your plan on advertising your work outside Africa
 Christopher J. Upchurch : I really hadn’t know how to reach outside of U.S.A other than social media to Africa. .

#Respicius Francis : Is your gospel music helping youths to be good people in the society /? Christopher J. Upchurch :Most definitely my music has completely caused a conscious youth.  

#Respicius Francis : How is the response of youth in religious matters ???
Christopher J. Upchurch :They are very much intrigued because of my Transparency with them for the gospel.

 #Respicius Francis :How is the government concern on the religious matters??
Christopher J. Upchurch :I believe things are being more favored with the government here with religious matters

. #Respicius FrancisAm sure you must be facing some challenges, which are they?
 Christopher J. Upchurch :Unity and economic stability with each other

. #Respicius Francis :If it happens you have came in Africa which country would you like to visit? Christopher J. Upchurch :I’ve heard that South Africa is very much like our culture here and of course some other countries that are less developed.

 #Respicius Francis : Do you think racial segregation in US to blacks is over?
.Christopher J. Upchurch : No it’s not over I believe that there has been of course breakthroughs but it’s not over some small cities in the south and states haven’t changed their laws with Federal and State. Which still could cause a lawsuit if they don’t adhere to the law.

 #Respicius Francis :How is the situation of non native citizen to participate in activity in US?is it Friendly?
Christopher J. Upchurch . : It depends on the people, some people are disrespectful anyhow. Yet the culture of the U.S.A is multicultural so it’s definitely welcoming because of our culture.

 #Respicius Francis :Give us your opinions about the leadership of TRUMP??
 Christopher J. Upchurch I believe that President Donald Trump has made some great decisions and some that aren’t favorable. I pray that he continues to do what God put him in office to do.

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