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Meet with Walter P. Clark from [U.S.A] who is a founder of Steel City Gospel Internet Radio

Author :  Respicius Francis  
                                                                                             MR; Walter P. Clark 
Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview Walter P. Clark  from [U.S.A] who is  a founder   Steel City Gospel Internet Radio

Walter P. Clark Native of Gary, IN, Rev. Walter P. Clark   has served throughout a consistent span of 40+ years as Organist and Assistant Director, Director of Music and Assistant Minister of Music, Executive Pastor of Liturgical Ministries, Church Business Manager, Director of Christian Education an Pastoral Assistant.
 Has served in the capacity of Music Coordinator for; Northwest Indiana Missionary Baptist District Association, Inc General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Indiana, Inc. Indiana State Convention of (Southern) Baptist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial State Convention of Indiana, Inc. Baptist City Minister's Conference of Gary and Vicinity Simultaneous Revival Mass Choir Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Citywide Memorial Celebration Gary's 1st Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute Choir Has conducted workshops on Leadership, Music Ministry and Choir; Gary, IN Chicago, IL Champaign-Urbana, IL St. Louis, MO Houston, TX Washington, DC

 Has received training through; Moody Bible Institute Chicago Baptist Institute National Baptist Convention, Inc Congress of Christian Educational United Way of Chicago Has appeared in the short film, “Guilded Six Bits” and Stage Productions Former radio show host for; WWCA AM WGVE FM TCM Internet Radio WGBX FM Co-Founder and Former Vice President of Love 24/7 Internet Radio Former Assistant Director Saints with a Vision Recording Choir – Gary, IN Former A&R rep for Muskgrove Distribution Owner of Judah Life Media (radio and marketing promotions for indie artists) Owner of Steel City Gospel Radio Recording Artist Producers for Room 111 Records Board Secretary of Int'l Gospel Music Coalition Pastor's Assistant to Pastor Daryl L. McDonald, Douglas Park Baptist Church, Chicago, IL Father of 5 children, grandfather of 7 Servant of God.

####And here are the following questions I asked him.###### 
# Respicius Francis :Tell about Steel City Gospel Internet Radio??
Walt Clark ;Steel City is an internet radio ministry based in Gary, IN, whose nickname is the “Steel City” because of the industry upon which it was founded. We have music programs, ministry programs and are looking forward to having some churches from all parts of the world to come aboard. We play traditional and contemporary artist, inspirational and Christian hip hop, Christian urban.
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 #Respicius Francis :When did Steel City Gospel Internet Radio official start ??
 Walt Clark ;The vision for Steel City started in 2000. I had been on other radio stations during my younger days and wanted to get back into it. After helping to start a radio station in Indianapolis, IN, I came back to Gary and God released me to begin this ministry in 2015.

 #Respicius Francis ;Who is sponsoring Steel City Gospel Internet Radio??
 Walt Clark ;We have several individual sponsors who invest into the funding when they can. At times they may say hey I was thinking of steel City and will send us an offering. I would say that up to 80% of the money I provide from my own pocket. But God is faithful and has never let me come short on bills. Thank God for that.

 #Respicius Francis :How many workers does Steel City Gospel Internet Radio have?
 Walt Clark ;We actually have three volunteers!! Those include myself, Armando Bickum who helps with programming and whatever I ask him to do. Many times he sees something that needs to be done and just does it. Also, Claudia Palmer who lives in Indianapolis helps me with paperwork and documents and such that are needed for the present and future of the station. They are awesome loving people.
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 #Respicius Francis :Which achievements have been reached by Steel City Gospel Internet Radio? Walt Clark ;We have recently begun airing a major national radio show which is powerful for the encouraging and lifting to the saints of God and we have two successful shows by presenters who have NEVER done radio before, and they are almost surpassing me! But we encourage people to try things they've never tried before. If it is for the Kingdom of God, God will not let it fail, for His Name's sake. We have been able to build some great relationships with artists from around the world, including Tanzania Classic. Our audience is growing thanks to our partnership with you and your team. Sometimes our biggest challenge is finding out where to put all the great music we receive!  

#Respicius FrancisWhich challenges Steel City Gospel Internet Radio faces?
 Walt Clark ;Believe it or not, the major challenges are always making sure that fame and fortune are not in our sight or an obstacle. To ensure that God's will is our focus. God provides the way and the means that we need to continue. We don't turn down offerings, but we don't depend on them.  

#Respicius Francis :Which pushed you to start Steel City Gospel Internet Radio?
 Walt Clark ;The push was Gary, IN is a church city, and while we have stations that play gospel, we did not have a station that played nothing but gospel. The community deserved it, and God provided it.
 #Respicius Francis :Which are future goals about Steel City Gospel Internet Radio?
 Walt Clark ;Our future goals include purchasing our own building, setting up a training program in partnership with local schools and universities where students can come and hone their skills. There are more goals we can't discuss at this time but Tanzania Classic will be among the first to know.  

#Respicius Francis :Tell us your strategies on advertising in Africa??
 Walt Clark ;First, we want to learn more about the people and the culture. Armando and I talk almost every day about developing our knowledge. Many think that when you say Africa, all they see or envision is a stereotype of what appears on television. We want to open ourselves to learn and be taught. I have “spiritual sons” in Nigeria, Ghana, and Lagos. They are great musicians and men of God. We chat often as I try to impart wisdom to them and they teach me as well. I don't want to take advantage of people's intellect. I want to provide inspirational, informational and educational programming based on what the People want, not on what I want to sell.

 #Respicius FrancisHow is Steel City Gospel Internet Radio help for gospel singers???
 Walt Clark ;There is a mentor I have named Pam Morris, who has been in radio for a long time. She said, “every artist deserves to be heard once.” That is what we strive to do. We want every artist who has a message of love, peace, and kindness to be heard. My song may not touch you but another person's song may reach into your soul and dry the tears of anguish and grief. We should not rob people of that ministry because it does sound good. Steel City gives everyone the opportunity to be heard. Armando and I have been musicians for over 30 years and there is a time when we will inbox or email an artist and say, “hey on that vamp, the horns are too loud” or “think about doing that second verse two times”. We extend our hand and heart to help for no cost.

 #Respicius FrancisHow much capital you started within lunching Steel City Gospel Internet Radio? Capital? Walt Clark ;I didn't have any capital! And I'm laughing as I write this because all I really had was God's promise and strong faith. In monetary terms, I may have had $50.00! Praise God for His hand!

 #Respicius Francis Are you ready to work together with Tanzania Classic ??
 Walt Clark ;We are excited about the opportunity of God using Tanzania classic to expand this ministry. We are doing the same on our end by sharing you on our social media and even on our website.
 #Respicius FrancisGive us your opinions about the leadership of TRUMP??
Walt Clark ;;Proverbs 16:2

 Respicius Francis ;Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?
 Walt Clark ;I do not Know as much as I should know, however, I am learning as much as I can as quickly as I can. I feel as if I have now found brothers and sisters and elders of my family that I knew existed but never knew how to call.

 #Respicius Francis :Do you think racial segregation in the US to blacks is over?
Walt Clark ;No, not at all
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